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About Us

The technology we are pursuing is technology that lowers the barriers between people and increases happiness

Our Vision

We seek new values through big data and AI, and aim for human-oriented technology


I am the manager of a small playground now, but I would like to create a global amusement park with everyone

Hello! I am Sean Kim, the CEO of VREDU Co., Ltd.

I first encountered computers in 1998, and after that, I worked in the IT field for about 20 years and went back and forth between overseas and domestic. While spending half of her life abroad, language is important, but understanding the local culture is more meaningful than anything else. We are operating service businesses in which the content of “culture” is fused.

VREDU’s mission is to provide education based on virtual reality technology, one of the constituent technologies of the 4th industrial revolution that has been emerging since 2015, and to provide various industries including the service platform it operates. It was born with the goal of expanding.

I met various solutions while carrying out many ICT field projects in Korea and abroad. Will the solution I see be replaced? Substitution is an important point. It is also important to efficiently implement commercial and open source software, one of many elements that make up a solution, for what purpose. Ultimately, no matter how good solutions and software end up being useless if users and consumers are not satisfied and can continue to use them, the service platform we develop and create includes fun It contains the desire to unravel along with education.

In order for fun education to be possible, we, who are making service platforms, must also work happily, so I think of the company as a playground. Our employees can freely enjoy the various rides in the playground, and among them, We want to be able to handle the components of the service platform proficiently as we often use equipment. Also, we are supporting everyone to play together, just as a playground for playing with friends is more fun than a playground for playing alone. The playground where I used to play with my friends until my mother called me “let’s eat” when I was a child is now small, but we are making it together with everyone.

“Enjoy Street” is the first service platform where our aspirations are condensed.
With your support, we will establish ourselves as a global “interactive cultural metaverse” service platform.
Thank you.

Looking at the rain in early autumn, CEO Sean Kim


We seek new values through big data and AI, and aim for human-oriented technology.

VTS Team

We create the best consumer experience for our branded Enjoy Street service.


We create reliable results through excellent ICT developers.


We do not settle for the current technology and research technologies such as AI, Big Data, and MR.

Management Support Team

we provide the foundation for stable and sustainable growth of company

International Business Team

We support for VREDU to be a multinational group of experts who aim for the world


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