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New Normal Era, New Travel Trend

We introduce EnjoyStreet to the world.

EnjoyStreet is a new travel platform that provides livestreming technology and shopping. You can experience your travel with a full of joyful and touching moments through EnjoyStreet

Virtual Travel System

Virtual Reality(VR)/Augmented Reality(AR) AI solutions: Mixed Reality(MR) services, contents, and platform development

Live Tour VTS service

VREDU shares the value of the “New Normal” travel system. Exclusive tour experience with VTS, a new travel platform that integrated live streaming and commerce.
Post-COVID era,
What comes after the fourth industrial revolution?
#WORK 01

Enjoy Street

Interactive cultural metaverse through a non-face-to-face travel platform (Virtual Travel System)
#WORK 02

Smart City

Smart city data hub based on real-time data analysis technology and data utilization technology
#WORK 03

Smart Water

Development of analysis and prediction technology based on integrated management of water demand/water supply (SWG) and water cycle (LID) data connection platform
#WORK 04

MR content-based big data platform

Ministry of SMEs and Startups venture innovative business technology project

Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging artificial intelligence to enable more automated, intelligent, and high-performance analytics. Implement powerful artificial intelligence algorithms for machine learning, natural language processing, and optimization.

Big Data

We are professional experts to extract vairous parameters that meet the nedds of consumers along with processing and analysis of vast amounts of data. In particualr, real-time bid data analysis and processing skills are our strength.


Analysis using cloud computing to implement artificial intelligence algorithms, concerning massive amounts of bid data and complex iterative operations, guarantees economic efficiency.

Smart City

In collaboration with the Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI), we analyze and visualize massive amounts of data generated in cities in real time. The VREDU automatically provides appropriate information to data analysts through the platform.

Smart Water

The VREDU participates in the Ministry of Environment’s Smart Water real-time analysis platform development project, processing and forecasting water resource demand and supply data. We also visually present the result through a dashboard. Through the analysis algorithm of VREDU, you can get a benefit from data.

MR Flatform

The VREDU uses Virtual Reality Technology (Mixed Reality) to provide necessary education in high-risk industrial sites safely and inexpensively. Learner behavior pattern analysis algorithms provide workers more efficient education.


We implement real-time video streaming based on WebRTC. Low latency and high image quality enable travelers to have a vivid travel experience.

Recommendation System

We provide the most suitable travel content and shopping by analyzing the travel behavior patterns of travelers. We implement personalized travel through VREDU’s outstanding big data analysis algorithm.

Live commerce

With vigorous travel and shopping experience, the Korean street experience naturally leads to the better enjoyment. The convergence of tourism and shopping in real time revitalizes the stagnant domestic tourism and shopping industries.

Interactive cultural metaverse

Metaverse system of VREDU gives a chance for everyone to be open-minded and embarce an open culture.
In the new normal era, our life style has been expanded into the realm of the metaverse that transcends reality.
VREDU strives to expand your world through the metaverse.
We pursue a metaverse with two properties.

Interaction between community members

Connecting members of our community through our platform is our goal. In the metaverse, we will create new relationships and communities rather than being disconnected.

Expansion and richness of existing culture

Our metaverse will go beyond simply overcoming physical limitations and create a new culture beyond each other’s cultural barriers. The expanded world will create an expanded culture.

Educational effects through virtual augmented content and technology

In VREDU’s service platform, you can obtain more realistic educational effects through virtual/augmented contents and technology for practical and safety education in various industrial sites. In addition, regular training is being conducted using virtual/augmented (non-face-to-face) technology for administrators and users of various service platforms developed and operated by VR Edu.





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An interactive cultural metaverse that expands reality through technology, a new alternative to the travel and tourism industry

An interactive cultural metaverse that expands reality through technology, a new alternative to the travel and tourism industry

The metaverse concept is spreading throughout the industry. Among the industries in which metaverse technology has melted, the place where virtual reality exerts the greatest influence is by far the field of travel and tourism. Metabus is opening a new era of tourism by combining it with the tourism business. Travel is no longer far away. Through metabus tourism, anyone can experience famous tourist attractions and landmarks in the region anytime, anywhere and implemented in virtual space.

VREDU wins ‘2021 4IR Awards’ in XR category

VREDU wins ‘2021 4IR Awards’ in XR category

Kim Jae-heon (right), CEO of VREDU, won the grand prize in the ‘XR category for ‘VR/AR content’ at the ‘2021 5th 4IR Awards (4th Industrial Revolution Awards)’ hosted by Money Today held at the Korea Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 2nd. ‘ and is taking a commemorative photo with Park Jong-myeon, CEO of Money Today.

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