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HR vision

VREDU is looking for talented people to open up a new ICT culture.
If you dream of a different world from now, you are the precious future of VREDU. We are looking for such talented people.

Who can embrace diversity

VREDU, which seeks to become a global company, seeks talents who are open to and accept different cultures and people.

Who enjoys growing themselves

In the rapidly changing era of the 4th industrial revolution, we are looking for talented people who do not settle for reality and enjoy growing on their own. VREDU supports your growth.

Who seeks value and meaning without letting go of the question of why?

Since novelty starts with a questioning attitude rather than being complacent with reality, VR Edu wants talented people who respect and enjoy questions.

Talent who wants to achieve together rather than win alone

It is the goal of VREDU to solve problems together, not alone. We don’t want to beat someone, we want to achieve it together.

A person who knows how to find joy in work

For members of VREDU, work is a fun puzzle, not a problem to be dealt with. We want people who can find joy in their work.


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