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Smart City

VREDU’s technology makes the area we live in smarter. Take your city to the next level with the power of data.

For a smart city, we present and analyze a lot of city data in real time to achieve safe and creative city development. We implement solutions and visualizations through real-time data hub architecture implementation related technologies and data visualization technologies.

VREDU's efforts forward to a smart city

VREDU strives to achieve urban development through collaboration and participation, considering efficiency and economic feasibility.

Creative city development

We collaborate with the Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) to present and analyze a lot of city data in real time to achieve safer and more creative city development.

Participation in various relevant fields

It provides an open data hub architecture to enable engagement from a variety of adjoining disciplines.

economic cost savings

It is the development of platform technology to improve the operational efficiency of cities and reduce social/economic costs

Core competency of VREDU

VREDU has various technologies and implements data types as one solution


Technologies related to real-time data hub architecture implementation

Collect data from various formats in real time and consolidate it into a single program. It identifies the shape of scattered data from multiple organizations and implements a single solution with high stability


Data visualization technology
Extracting meaningful metrics from raw data and visualizing them is essential for insight. Visualization experts create visualizations tailored to you.


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