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EnjoyStreet presents a new travel trend in the new normal era. Enjoy a special travel experience through VTS that crosses the boundary between online and offline.
EnjoyStreet provides a new tourism platform in the new normal era by combining real-time video streaming and live commerce technology. We implement real-time video streaming based on WebRTC. Low latency and high image quality enable travelers to have a vivid travel experience. Now you can experience the streets of Korea regardless of time and place.

What is EnjoyStreet's VTS?

VTS (Virtual Travel System) provides a new model of post-corona travel through a cooperative business model that connects consumers, content providers (travel guides), and product sellers (small business owners) and convergence technology based on the core technology of the 4th industry. It is the only virtual travel platform.


Enjoy Local trip at home
Live streaming technology allows you to experience the streets of Korea anytime, anywhere. EnjoyStreet offers a new travel paradigm that overcomes physical limitations.


Live shopping while sightseeing
By combining live commerce and live tour, you can enjoy sightseeing and shopping together. Pack your shopping on Korean streets.


WIth local tourism expert guid, A cooperative buisness model that connects small business owners
You can enter the global market by linking with domestic excellent tourism expert guides and small business owners and SMEs. Through ICT technology, we realize a sustainable environment for various experts related to travel.


Customize your own special trip
By applying big data analysis technology, we understand individual preferences and provide customized travel contents. Experience a journey full of emotion and joy through Travel for Me.
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