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AI Big data analysis

In the era of data flood, VREDU finds value and meaning. We provide the best data analysis with a combination of artificial intelligence + big data + cloud.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Based on the know-how accumulated over many years, VREDU’s artificial intelligence algorithm is growing every day.


Fast analysis speed

Big data analysis must achieve the diversity and large size of data at a very high speed. For this reason, it is an important competency enough to divide the success or failure of big data analysis depending on which algorithm is used to perform the same calculation. 3V (Volume, Variety, Velocity), the core capabilities of big data, can be secured through our algorithm.

Smart AI

Our AI has strengths in machine learning and natural language processing, and has strong optimization capabilities.

Big Data

From standardized figures to images, VREDU big data analysis opens up infinite possibilities regardless of the subject.

Key parameter extraction

For data-driven problem solving, unstructured text or images exist in phenomena that are being analyzed. We can uncover insights in unstructured data. In particular, our ability to extract key parameters enables us to find richer meanings in the same data.

Real-time data processing and visualization

Our big data analysis capabilities deal with a variety of unstructured data beyond standardized data, and are particularly strong in real-time data processing and visualization.


Cloud computing overcomes physical limitations, making it easy and economical to access the world of big data. Cloud computing makes it possible to collect, store, and analyze vast amounts of data at low cost. Experience building a cloud-based big data analysis solution.


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