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Live tour VTS service

The concept of travel in the new normal era is growing with VREDU. You can enjoy an expanded travel experience with VTS, a new concept travel platform service that combines live streaming and live commerce.

Live tour service

VREDU provides a new travel experience by providing live streaming and live commerce services.


Live streaming service

Real-time video streaming using WebRTC enables travelers to experience the travel destination vividly with low latency and high picture quality.

Live Commerce Service

Add live commerce to VTS to add shopping to tourism. In addition, the win-win model of its own brand, Enjoy Street, helps domestic small business owners and tourism experts to grow together, revitalizing the stagnant domestic industry and shopping industry.

Provide personalized service

By melting big data technology into travel, we provide an experience that is just right for you

Providing the best travel experience

Aiming for a connection between culture and people through the experience of the street, Enjoy Street learns the traveler’s behavioral patterns to provide an optimal travel experience.

Custom Trip Execution

Based on our big data analysis technology, we realize a trip that is perfect for you and for you


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