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Big Data

Implement a platform that opens up new possibilities through Mixed Reality content. VREDU’s big data platform makes industrial field training easier and more effective.
VREDU’s MR content-based big data platform applies virtual reality (MR) to education to maximize the advantages of online and offline education and provide an optimal learning path. VREDU opens a new direction in education through virtual reality education and customized services.

What is VREDU's MR content-based big data platform?

Maximize the advantages of online and offline education by applying virtual reality (MR), a fusion of virtual and reality, to education. In addition, it provides the optimal learning path by learning the learner’s goals and patterns. Maximize efficiency by converging MR technology and big data. VR EDU’s platform opens up a new direction for education.


Virtual reality education through a digital twin technology

We implement a variety of education required in the industrial field by realizing phenomena that can occur in real life in virtual reality.


Increase efficiency through pre-training through simulation
By educating various situations in advance through simulation, errors that may occur during actual work are prevented in advance to maximize the effectiveness of training.


Customized service through big data technology

Because customized services are provided in consideration of the various characteristics of learners, unnecessary resource consumption by service providers and learners required for learning can be reduced.


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