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Leejun System, VREDU, Metaverse Business Promotion Partnership


Lee Jun System (CEO Han Sang-hoon), a company specializing in industrial field robots and XR (extended reality)-based hardware, signed a partnership to promote the metaverse business with VR Edu (CEO Kim Jae-heon), a company specializing in IT solutions.

Leejun System is a company that operates △Smart Business △Robot System △4D/VR (Virtual Reality) System. It is promoting an MR (mixed reality)-based education platform project for Incheon International Airport Corporation and others. VREDU is a company that has developed a ‘non-face-to-face travel platform’ by merging AI (artificial intelligence) with virtual and augmented reality.

Through this partnership, the two companies decided to expand the metaverse business targeting domestic and overseas markets. VREDU said, “We started mutual cooperation through the Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Development Project of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups last September.”

Reference : https://news.mt.co.kr/mtview.php?no=2021100812130055473


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